Great deals on electric cars and vans

Through our trusted partners we offer a great choice of electric vehicle leases to suit your business needs.

Plus there are further cost savings from benefit in kind(1) and road tax exemptions on EVs compared to petrol and deisel vehicles

EV charge points for your work and home

  • Get a 7kW Pod Point charge point for your home from only £549
  • Add workplace charge point(s) as you need them   
  • Track usage and cost with Pod Point's charging analytics platform

Electricity tariffs to suit your charging needs

Business energy tariffs include short and long term fixed contracts as well as variable products. Compare tariffs online or enquire today and let our electric vehicle team help you find the best tariff for your business.

Electric car business leasing deals

Up to £350 off every charger you install at work

Pod Point workplace charging

Workplace Charging Scheme

The Workplace Charging Scheme enables any business, charity or public authority to claim a grant of up to £350 for every electric vehicle chargepoint they install at their workplace, providing they have dedicated off-street parking for staff – up to a maximum of 40 sockets.

Find out more about government grants

electric car environment EDF
electric car environment EDF

Why EV now?

Lower your carbon footprint

There are no tailpipe emissions from a fully electric vehicle allowing you to reduce your business's environmental impact

Reduce your running costs

Switching from diesel or petrol to electricity can provide significant fuel savings plus with less moving parts to worry about, your annual maintenance costs could be 20-30% lower(2)

Promote your values

It's a positive sustainability choice that's great news for your employees and your customers

See how others are switching to EV

NHS save money by switching to electric

Discover how the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is saving the equivalent of two nurses’ costs per year by switching to an electric fleet, creating its own electricity with solar, and feeding surplus energy back into the National Grid.

I think you can do electric fleets in Cornwall and if you can do them in Cornwall, you can do it anywhere.

Phil Confue, Chief Executive Officer at Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Pod Point business charger

Looking for multiple charge points for your work?

If you're looking for your first charge point or you're ready to expand your current capacity, Pod Point's simple and easy-to-install charge point options give you flexibility and choice you need to grow.

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DVLA road tax and company car tax on electric vehicles

Road tax & company car tax on electric vehicles

Learn more about the tax incentives and benefits available for electric cars.

Read about tax benefits

set of spanners on a teal background

Maintenance & servicing electric vehicles

Learn about maintenance and servicing for your electric car.

Read about maintenance

Electric cars and the environment

Electric cars and the environment

Are electric cars better for the environment? We take a look...

Learn about EVs & the environment

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